We are living a very delicate historical and social moment, which risks to alienate us all, making us lose sight of the sense of solidarity and social work.

We are proud to be able to offer you, always in compliance with current regulations, our SUSPENDED CATERING.

With this project, we want to make our work available to everyone. With our team, made of young passionate and motivated professionals, we have created a solution that has the intent to make us all feel closer.

What does it all consist of?
Very simple! It is to donate food to those in need, food presented in the form of catering, you help by giving a small event dedicated.

We offer menus with different costs, which you can choose depending on your possibilities and what you want to give.
You will tell us who you want to donate it to and we will take care of everything, putting us in touch with the associations that will join our project.

Suspended Catering is a simple way for us to experience normality again.
Doing good for others allows us to make each other feel closer!
It is a nice, delicate and discreet way to say that we are there and that we are not indifferent to the difficulties of others!
It’s a charity project to support and help philanthropic organizations.

We believe in it all the way and we are proud to be able to carry out this project, also thanks to your help!!!

Do you want to realise your dream event?



An entirely environmentally friendly event is possible! Dedicated menus and set-ups with completely eco-friendly materials!

Green is possible!!